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LIVE your best LIFE​



You can heal your relationship
with money.
I am here to help.

For many of us, money can be an area of discomfort and fear.  Having practiced meditation for many years, I recognized the value of combining the calm, focused, presence of meditation with the practice of working with money.  That’s how Mindful Money was born. Now I want to share what I have learned about Mindful Money with you. 


In Mindful Money Coaching we explore:

  • The 3 myths about money

  • Your relationship with money

  • Your money story

  • Your money profile

  • Making amends around money

  • Strategies for clarifying how you are spending and saving money

  • Mindful practices to heal your relationship with money and with those to whom you owe money or owe money to you

  • How to lighten up with money

  • Ways to trust and bless the flow of money in and through your life


Sessions include discussion, mindful meditation practices and movement techniques to help you uncover and heal your relationship with money.


NOTE:  I am not a financial planner and do not give any advice on investments.

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