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LIVE your best LIFE​


Your home can be filled with positive energy.
I am here to help.

Most of us take time to clean our homes, our bodies, our clothes--all of the physical things with which we interact. But how often do we clean our energy and the energy in our homes? Just as walking in a house with muddy shoes will track mud into the home, so too does energy leave an imprint on our spaces. If we live in a place where there is lots of joy and happiness, and we are surrounded by items that we love, that is the energy that we will feel when we enter our homes. If we live in a place where there is lots of fighting and negativity, that is the energy that we will feel. The good news is that there are proven ways to clean the energy in your homes including smudging, using crystals and sprays and conscious energy clearing techniques.


I offer classes in personal and home cleansing and visit homes to do energy clearing work and house blessings. Sessions include discussion, energy clearing techniques, and tools to use to keep the energy in your space clear. For more information, email


" My boyfriend and I purchased our first house together and really wanted to start off on the right foot. We had Martha come over to give a house/land clearing and blessing. I cannot express emphatically enough how great it was. Martha was radiating calm, peaceful energy as soon as her car door opened. She made us feel so safe, open, and connected. On our last walk through the house after the smudging and visualization we could both feel the energy shift. It felt like ours. Our space. Our home. I am looking forward to calling Martha for other services! Thank you! "

Lauren Hoover

Graphic Designer

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