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  • Martha Engeman

Coming Together for Change

We are too focused as a society on good and evil, right and wrong. The truth is much more nuanced. It comes in shades of grey, not black and white. We are called to send love to all. We are called to step above the conflict and work towards making change through peaceful means. We are called to follow the example of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

No true lasting change has come from direct, armed combat. It has always come from the actions after the conflict. The years of peace after World War II were the result of negotiation, the Marshall Plan and the development of the United Nations, as well as other endeavors to prevent future wars. Mankind had witnessed great horror and didn’t want to face it again.

It is time for all of us to join together as one and to love one another. We may not agree, and that’s fine. But direct conflict will never work. It will never heal the divisions amongst us. The only thing that will really heal us is to be able to truly walk in our brother or sisters’ shoes. Only then will we learn why they are the way they are. We do not have to condone their beliefs, but we do need to see them as fellow human beings who have made different choices than we have.

Can you imagine if the Alt-Right protestors in Charlottesville had been met by a wall of peaceful counter demonstrators standing strong for love and justice for all? Can you imagine what the results would have been?

There needs to be a return to peace and love. The right and the left are both acting from places of fear and intractable beliefs. We need to reach out and come together in dialogue. The bird needs both the right and left wings to fly. So too do we need both the right and left sides. They are completely necessary to create the whole.

Politicians have remarked that some of the best legislation comes out of negotiations with those on the right and the left. Those negotiations can be messy, and not everyone gets their way, but all sides are heard. That process sharpens the thinking of all involved. It gets them to truly define what’s important for them and why. The resulting laws reflect that.

It is time to come together to fix the challenges in the world and not go down the rabbit hole into defensive bickering. That will only feed the 24-hour news cycle and will fix absolutely nothing.

#love #peace #charlottesville


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