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  • Martha Engeman

The Littlest Things Can Make All the Difference

My daughter Katie recently got married and received a plethora of wonderful wedding gifts, including many items to stock her kitchen. But the one thing she needed, that was nowhere to be found amongst the gifts, was a ladle. When you have a mother who has preached about soup and makes at least one batch of homemade soup a week during the colder months of the year, you need a ladle to keep up the tradition.

But the point here is really not about the ladle. The point is that sometimes the simplest of things are more important than the big, expensive gadget.

When I am out in my yard, the tools that I rely on most are a good pair of garden gloves and some hand clippers to help me tackle the weeds, brambles and overgrowth that I find as I work to cultivate the land. I would take them over an automatic shrub cutter any day.

I appreciate the benefits of electronics, but sometimes I wonder why we really need everything that they can offer. I don’t want my refrigerator to be smart, and I don’t want Alexa, or any other device, to be so prominent in my house that I start to depend on it.

I will never forget the Christmases when my girls were little. When they were about two, the boxes that the toys came in were just as magical and fun as the toys themselves. It’s amazing what fun a two year old can have with a big box and crumpled wrapping paper. Add a dose of imagination and the possibilities are endless.

So today I give thanks for the simple things, like a ladle, a pair of garden gloves and a box. Just add some imagination and the world is your oyster.



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