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  • Martha Engeman

When Things Stop Working

Recently, my trusty CD player and clock radio decided to stop working. I realize that I am aging myself by even admitting that I

still have a CD player, but I do. This piece of equipment was a gift to my daughter when she was about 13 and has done a great job for several years, but now it is done—kaput.

The truth is that things do stop working. We may try to cajole, and patch and ask them for just a bit more life, but at some time, everything dies.

CD Player

Now I don’t always react well when things in my life stop working. I look on it as a nuisance. But lately I have been practicing patience with things. So instead of bemoaning the fact that it is no longer working, I am appreciating this CD player and clock radio for all of its years of service. May it now rest in peace.

If everything is energy, and all energy has consciousness, then my CD player and clock radio have a consciousness too. And, if we are all connected, which science and spirituality affirm that we are, then the way that I relate to everything impacts the whole. Do I want to put out and receive negativity, or do I want to instead, emanate gratitude for all things, whether they work or not?

We can extend this to our relationship with ourselves and each other. When we have an ache or pain, or something that is not working in our lives, can we treat ourselves with loving-kindness? When we have different political beliefs than someone else, can we still see the person underneath the belief and realize our common humanity? And the next time something is irreparable, can we stop, appreciate it for its service, and let it rest in peace?

#surrender #detachment


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