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  • Martha Engeman

Why Blue Balloons?

Last week on my morning walk I was greeted by a sea of blue star-shaped balloons that were hung with ribbon on the mailboxes in my neighborhood. I remembered that this is an annual event to mark the passing of a baby boy who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). I was overcome with a feeling of sadness for the loss of the boy and hope for all those in the neighborhood joined by the blue star-shaped balloons.

We are more United than we are Divided.

Over the last few weeks on the neighborhood FaceBook group, I have watched families with children get “booed”. An anonymous person leaves Halloween related paraphernalia and candy at your house with a note saying that you have been “booed” and to pass it along. I remember how excited my children were to get “booed” and was heartened to see that one neighbor had taken up the cause and asked if there were any families who still needed to be “booed”. She didn’t want anyone to be left out.

We are more United than we are Divided.

Another FaceBook post in the neighborhood group encouraged neighbors to welcome trick or treaters of all ages this Halloween. As she said, the teenagers who are trick or treating are making a better choice than they could be on Halloween.

We are more United than we are Divided.

I am a firm believer that what you appreciate, appreciates. Today I appreciate that which unites us as human beings in a time when we see a lot of division. We may not agree with each other. We may not make the same choices or live the same lives. But when we reach out to each other in a spirit of compassion and kindness, we can form bridges of understanding. Contrary to what the news tells you, I believe that we are more united than we are divided.


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