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LIVE your best LIFE​


~ Leslie Waugh, Copy Editor, Writer, Founder Write From Your Heart

Martha is a multitalented healing artist. She has helped me so much through valleys of grief and other difficulties, with her deep wisdom and experience in meditation, energy work, yoga and other forms of therapeutic movement. She offers insightful and intuitive guidance with grounded and grounding compassion and real-world humor, while customizing helpful take-home tools that meet me wherever I am. I have been blessed to receive her gifts and thoughtful care. 

Martha Engeman is incredibly powerful and gifted! I have experienced huge changes in my body and emotional/mental state starting after working with her. She has helped me clear some very negative emotions and blocks, which had been trapped in my body for a very long time. Martha creates a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment. and helps me feel both grounded and expansive. She has helped me to connect to my own personal power to begin healing myself and has given me several suggestions for things I could do on my own to further facilitate my healing journey. She’s an amazing and unique soul, and I feel blessed to know her. If you need physical, emotional, &/or spiritual help, I wholeheartedly recommend Martha.

~ Michelle LeBlanc, Pharmacist

"It has been such a treat to meet with Martha online every week to meditate and connect with other women. During the pandemic, it has been a saving grace in a time when nothing else has been certain. Martha's warm presence and soothing voice are a balm. She has a tremendous knowledge of several meditation and mindfulness practices and is tuned in to the energies all around us--including what is needed for balance and inner peace. Her meditations are thought-provoking and heart-centered, and at the close of each meeting, I feel refreshed, centered and nurtured. Martha has been a tremendous facilitator, bringing us all together each week after meditation to discuss what's happening globally and internally and to take the insights we receive, when quiet, to help support our communities. It has been a wonderful journey of increased awareness, reflection, and action and I look forward to continuing to meditate with Martha, to breathe deeply, connect, and rejoice."

~ Jackie Parker, Educator

If you can picture being at the ocean on a summer day, that is what Martha is like:

  • Calm, steady and dependable waves that touch the shore while also reaching out to the horizon

  • The surprising sparkles of light on the water,

  • Warm like the sand in the sun,

  • Fun like building a sand castle,

  • Coexisting with and appreciating all kinds of people"

~ Victoria Arico, Graphic Designer

“Martha is an exceptionally talented teacher and workshop leader.  She is at ease interacting with diverse groups of people and is able to synthesize challenging material and present it in a clear and concise way.  Martha had a devoted following of students at Moving Spirit who enjoyed her warmth and creativity.  She worked well both with children and adults and often assisted me in my Creative Kids Yoga classes."

~ Rosemary T. Clough, Yoga Teacher, Founder Creative Kids Yoga

“Martha's class is top notch; she is a wonderful, warm presence that makes yoga and meditation a relaxing and low-stress experience (which is what it should be!).  I have been to other yoga studios where I get the idea that I should be benchmarking my practice against others, and it is discouraging...especially when some practitioners can balance on their arms and I can barely do a decent ‘cobra’"

~ Patti Godin, Educator

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