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Meditation Workshops

Meditation has had a transformative impact on my life which is why I am committed to sharing it with others.  I host several meditation workshops including:


  1. Introduction to Meditation

  2. Gratitude Meditation

  3. Forgiveness Meditation

  4. Loving Kindness Meditation

  5. Moving Meditation

  6. Partner Meditation


Each workshop includes

  • Yoga and movement techniques to prepare our bodies for meditation

  • Benefits of the specific meditation technique

  • Instruction in the meditation technique

  • Strategies for incorporating meditation in your daily life


If you are interested in any of the Meditation Workshops, contact

Martha Engeman at or

call 919-215-4586.


Connecting with Yourself & the Earth

Many of us yearn for more connection with ourselves, with each other and with our earth home.  One way to do this is by spending time in nature engaging in practices to unite the body, mind and spirit.


Join me for a morning of connection—in my backyard. We will:

  • Practice yoga and movement to energize our bodies

  • Experience various types of meditation to practice presence

  • Connect with the earth and learn ways to help protect our earth home

  • Practice conscious eating with a delicious vegetarian lunch.


Please wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers.  Also, please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, journal and pen and sunscreen (if needed).


Date: Saturday, September 7th

Time: 9am-Noon

Location: My home, near Raleigh, NC

Cost: $35 cash or check


To register, email or call 919-215-4586


Clarifying and Healing Your Relationship with Money
Mindful Money

We live in a culture that runs on money.  From a very early age, we learn about the value of money and are bombarded with messages about how we can spend it to get what we want or need in our lives.  Yet few areas of life are fraught with as much underlying anxiety as our relationship with money.  Many of us live in fear that we won’t have enough, or in fear that we will lose what we do have.  Some of us overspend, while others hoard.  Many of us struggle to have a healthy relationship with money.


In this workshop we will explore ways to clarify and heal your relationship with money.  You will:

  • Learning about the 3 money myths

  • Understand your money story and how it impacts your life

  • Explore practical ways to get clearer about money

  • Learn a powerful meditation technique to help you heal your relationship with money


You will leave with a better understanding of your relationship with money and specific techniques to help clarify and heal that relationship.


For more information on the 2-hour Mindful Money workshop, email or call 919-215-4586

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